The Pentagon has developed a weapon against flies


Employees of the Institute Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida have developed a new effective trap for flies, designed for use by military personnel, according to a press release from the university. Designing a trap occurs as requested by the Office of Advanced Research Projects (DARPA). New flycatcher, dubbed Florida Fly-Baiter, can destroy a lot more flies than similar tools available on the market today.

Unpretentious device is a regular rectangle, painted bright blue with black longitudinal stripes that serve as bait. This bait is completely impregnated with special aromatic substances and poison. The bands that are on the surface of the trap resemble cracks in the concrete, as it is believed that insects like to hide in these cracks. Flies that enter the trap, perishing, accumulate in the tank located inside the trap, or remain outside.

According to studies IFAS, blue color is three times more attractive to insects than yellow, which is usually used in the manufacture of commercial traps. Arriving on a bright blue color, and seeing an attractive crack, fly penetrates into it, trying to bait and immediately dies. The tests used flytrap with a single dose of the insecticide, which destroyed 40,000 flies.

As experts of the IFAS, the main advantage of such a trap is to keep the properties regardless of the number of dead insects. Traditional Velcro lose their stickiness to the extent that, as they stuck to fly. Fly-Baiter can be easily cleaned from the corpses of the insects. A strip impregnated with insecticide easy to replace. Fly-Baiter allows for several such strips in accordance with the number of flies in the air.

The development trap is within DARPA program provides for the creation of means to protect troops against flying insects of various kinds, which are the carriers of dangerous diseases, particularly dysentery, malaria, cholera and typhoid fever.

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