Exceeding the speed of light was a mistake due to a faulty cable?


Since September last year, scientists scratching their heads over the results of studies that indicate that neutrinos moving between Switzerland and Italy, with the excess of the speed of light. At first glance, the experiment was done correctly, and even after some amendments, a new series of experiments only strengthened the position has stunned scientists discovered. The problem is that these results are contrary to everything we know about how the universe is arranged.

But now it was reported this reason that these measurements were wrong. All the matter in a detached fiber optic cable, which has led to the fact that some of the atomic clock, in which measured the speed of neutrinos, showing the wrong time. If confirmed (at the moment it supports only one source), this will serve as a simple explanation of the amazing and incredible results of the experiment. Reportedly, researchers are preparing for the next series of experiments, but this time with a working clock, right connected to the computer, which will show whether or not such an error was made.

Recently held annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AASRN), which discussed the biggest news in physics, including the speed of neutrinos. Scientists said that five separate experiments with neutrinos upgrade their equipment and new information will be available by the end of this year. Therefore, even if the message is not confirmed, we will get new data soon.

AASRN at the meeting, the head of the research team at CERN, Sergio Bertolucci, expressed his skepticism as follows: "I can hardly believe it, as in Italy, nothing comes ahead of schedule."

After writing this article received a statement from the team experiment Opera. They reported the discovery of two potential problems (one of them is connected to the optical cable). These two problems would have distorted the results in opposite directions, so you need to carry out new measurements to better understand how they have influenced the results.

Original: Arstechnica

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