Google-Points: internet, mail and phone in one


If you often lose your cell phone, a new development from Google will help solve the problem. And the decision will be, in the truest sense of the word, in front of your nose. The technology giant will soon release a futuristic glasses that embodies all the functions of a smartphone in front of your eyes.

One of the glasses will be equipped with a miniature display. Technical characteristics are quite allowed to roam the internet or receive text and email messages without lifting a finger while. The screen is ’mouse’, which moves a slight inclination of the head. For phone calls, built-in microphone in the glasses.

According to reports, the device is fully capable to revolutionize the smartphone market. They go on sale before the end of this year, and the price for them will be about $ 600, which is cheaper iPhone from Apple.

Users will be able to look through the glass, as in conventional glasses, doing their daily chores. And, if necessary, tilt the head to activate the display.

Points will be run on the same operating system of Google, which is used in smartphones and tablets Android and will connect to the internet via 3G or wireless connection is the next generation of 4G. They will be integrated GPS technology and motion sensors and camera. This will go on to obtain information about the route for the intended address to the nearest attractions or to a friend who is in the area.

Enticing prospects open to advertisers who will be able to report themselves to the needs of users, providing information on the go, depending on the seat.

Seth Ueyntraub described in the blog 9 to 5 Google, how these points will be operational. "Currently, there is a head tilt to scroll the window and click" - he wrote. "We were told that the system is very easy to learn and once the user gets used a bit, it becomes like a native, and thus almost invisible to outsiders. These points, as we have heard, are equipped with front-facing camera, which collects information on the basis of which will be formed augmented reality. integrated display only one glass and do not obscure the general view. "

These points are developed in a secret research laboratory Google in Mountain View (CA). Apple also lead to new solutions, such as smart phones, which can be worn as a watch or sew a garment.

Original: Dailymail

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