Solar-powered plane will make its maiden flight


The aircraft is equipped with solar panels Solar Impulse, the first time fulfill its mission, following the route of Switzerland-Morocco, in just 48 hours.

According to the organizers of the historical aviation flight exercise scheduled to start in May or June 2012. Unique flight will guide pilots Andre Borshber and Bertrand Piccard. They are, according to experts, should fly over 2,500 kilometers. The flight will be interrupted in the outskirts of Madrid for a shift change. This flight will be the longest in the history of the airplane with installed solar panels. The organizers present it as a dress rehearsal before the world tour, planned for 2014.

To date, the pilots are champions of Solar Impulse, which held in 2010 in the Swiss sky exactly 26 hours 10 minutes and 19 seconds. In the spring of 2011 a solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse completed a flight from Paris to Brussels in just 12 hours.

SolarImpulse is not the first solar plane, designed by man, but by far the most ambitious. Not one of all his predecessors is not able to spend 48 hours in the sky with a pilot on board.

Machine with an innovative design, disproportionate to its weight: like the wings of the Airbus A-380, its wings reach 80 meters in length in order to create a surface large enough for photovoltaic cells and reduce the forced braking. But while Airbus weighs 560 tons, the plane with solar panels will weigh only 2 tons! Through a series of unsurpassed aerodynamic advantages, solar plane can withstand extreme loads, despite its lightness.

Wings of the plane enclosed by the so-called "skin", created from the finest solar cells encapsulated and flexible to withstand the stresses and strains of every kind.

The energy in lithium batteries housed in the wings, accumulated during the day. Engine power that the sun provides for a 24-hour period is the same (12 horsepower), which in 1903 reached the Wright brothers made his historic first motorized flight!

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