The ghost ship was found and sunk by the U.S. Coast Guard


The U.S. Coast Guard used a weapon in order to sink the Japanese ship without a crew that sailed to Alaska after a major tsunami in 2011.

A little earlier representatives of the Coast Guard reported that so far they could not sink the ship Ryou-Un Maru, as the government of Canada set out to save the ship by means of a fishing vessel. However, according to their information, towed to shore Japanese "ghost ship" with a length of 61 meters was not possible.

The ship brought by the impressive size of the tsunami had no lighting, which was considered by experts as a danger to other ships.

Trawler crossed the U.S. border on the water at the very beginning of April and the last days of sailing at a speed of about 1 mile per hour. The vessel was left absolutely no instruments to navigate.

U.S. authorities have decided to sink the Japanese "ghost ship" in order to prevent its release to the shore or interfering with navigation. In the tanks of the vessel contains more than 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel, but how much fuel was there at the last moment, is still unknown.

Experts suggest that the holes made in the sides of Ryou-Un Maru gun will help him go down no earlier than an hour. Observation of the process will be executed command aircraft HC-130 Hercules. And the rest of the ships were instructed to avoid possible Japanese ship sinking area.

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