View the live YouTube will be paid


Video YouTube has expanded opportunities for content partners, allowing the charge to all Internet users a pay-per-view live broadcast of various activities and events, thereby adding source to monetize (convert into a means of payment on legal grounds) of his service as betraying the RIA Novosti news agency, citing tehnoblog on TechCrunch.

YouTube service began testing video display in real-time in September 2010, and in April of last year added the ability to view the live broadcast to users. Such a service through which all partners can provide the YouTube broadcast of a concert, conference, sporting events and many other activities, was completely free for all users.

At the moment, the implementation of the monetization of various live events will be held in the U.S. and the UK, Canada, Japan and France, cash payments will go through a platform service of contextual advertising Google AdSense. Cost of service and commission payments to YouTube, yet to be announced.

The organization of a broadcast in real time while there is still only available to selected partners hosting YouTube, stationing strictly professional content. Charging users for viewing can not everyone of them, but only those who are fully proven its ability to attract the attention of a large number of viewers to their broadcasts, as reported in The Verge.

A complete list of all current live broadcasts offered by YouTube can be found at / live. Among the major events that were broadcast live on YouTube, is the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, ceremony dedicated to the production of two prestigious universities of professional U.S. as well as a concert of the band Coldplay, and more.

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