The Japanese taught flowers to express "emotions"


The scientists from Keio University have found a way to make the house plants to show certain "emotion" in response to being close to them as people.

In the system developed by Chinese experts used stepper motors, shrinking or weakening the thin, almost imperceptible eye cables that are attached to the branches of the plant. Team gives a special program that constantly analyzes the testimony of two sensors (motion sensor and microphone) and, based on them, will determine the most appropriate of the proposed teams.

Japanese researchers have developed a lot of variety of patterns that make certain houseplants express "emotions" in response to the events taking place nearby, and the actions of people. For example, your favorite flower, can shake one or more branches, so expressing his attitude to what you are doing.

Scientists emphasize that for as long as the system is created, and this whole year, none of the experimental pot plants was not affected, do not stop growing and died. The Japanese are planning to create more in the future and sets the drivers designed for plants of different sizes and with different thickness of the stem. It should be noted that it is not known whether there will be on the market and even more so in the mass production of such an unusual but very interesting development.

Original: Newscientist com

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