Microsoft has started the countdown to the end support for Windows XP


Microsoft has announced the date of completion of the Support Windows XP operating system for personal computers, which was released on October 25, 2001 and 2006 were sold in the amount of 400 million copies.

The U.S. software giant has recalled in his blog that after two years will complete support for this outdated operating system, which many still in use, despite the release of Vista and Windows 7.

"We would like to announce the completion of the two-year reference to support Windows XP and Office 2003," - said the marketing of Microsoft, Stella Chernyak. "Windows XP and Office 2003 programs were great for its time, but the technology is not standing still."

She advised users, particularly businesses, to begin "migrate" to the latest version of their software before Microsoft "lull" XP April 8, 2014.


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