Futurama is becoming a reality: Around the World in 6:00 in the vacuum tube


On assurances of developers, this new form of transport will take you from London to New York in just 45 minutes. Vacuum tube - a revolutionary new form of transport can be a reality in 10 years.

The system, due to the absence of air and friction, can reach incredible speeds. It will take passengers from New York to China in just two hours and ride around the world, it takes only 6 hours.

The sparse transport tube (PTT) consists of an airless vacuum tube in which six-ply passenger cars, which reaches dizzying speed 6437 km / h.

The transport system PTT will consume considerably less energy than conventional vehicles. It will be safer, cheaper and quieter than trains or planes.

PTT developers believe that their system will be five times more economical than electric cars or trains, due to the elimination of air resistance and no friction bearings.

According to their calculations, the construction of paths cost only a quarter of the cost of creating the motorway and a tenth of laying high-speed railway.

Despite the incredible speed, passengers will experience minimal congestion, although the specific methods of achieving such a result has not yet been announced.

"Having proved its efficiency, this design can spread rapidly. Since this system distinguishes economy, the high-speed vacuum pipes will be laid around the world."

"We can enjoy this affordable and high-speed transport in less than 10 years" - said the consortium ET3.

Original: Thesun.co.uk

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