The new radar system "would get" a person out of the ground


Neither the darkness of the night, no rain wall, or dense fog, or even thick concrete walls will not help now hidden man of the new radar system security.

The new development will distinguish you easily from animal and install your job area thanks to its special directory entries to the general human activity. The radar system, the creation of which was part of the anti-terrorism research will show the armed forces or law enforcement agencies, what happens inside the premises of any building, even those that are hidden under thick layers of earth, without the use of cameras.

"Our radar is very long story, and usually, our old radar was trying to find some targets, including aircraft, ships and even small vehicles. Currently, our interests are" switched "to the man" said Kim Young researcher at the University of California in Fresno. "The unique advantage of radar is its ability to penetrate through various obstacles. If a person, for example, was a behind the bushes, then a regular camera would not be able to detect it, but our radar will be able to."

Walking, running through various means, standing still, stop moving, jumping, lying down, punching and even crawl, it’s only a small number of unique records in the radar data that can be correctly identified in approximately one second. "Using our radar can be detected even human breath," the scientists said.

"The different land areas (such as soil, grass and concrete) are guaranteed to overcome a variety of tests, which included the use of a wooden house as a barrier," the researchers wrote in their paper published in the scientific journal Radar, Sonar & Navigation in March 2012.

As the radars used in airports and computerized tomography images in a hospital, the system relies on a new model of the reflected echo signal to classify its purpose. In contrast to these systems, radar, developed by researchers, does not produce the image and can detect fast-moving target, says Kim.

Ultimately, the radar system could be used to replace themselves patrol, not only the camera in the border areas, such as, for example, U.S. and Mexican border.

Although the device needs to use more energy than a conventional video camera, the ability to reliably monitor violations of the radar, day and night, making it more useful than other optical security systems.

When the radar is aimed at offenders, terrorists, or soldiers in the building, "knowing the activities of people, we can significantly improve situational awareness ... and, thus, reduce the causal connection" Kim said.

Original: Physorg com

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