Innovative device for smart phones with the function of disinfection and recharging


Smartphones now becoming one of the most common carriers of various bacteria and dangerous viruses that may be even worse than those that live under the toilet rim. Fortunately, now there is a new device PhoneSoap, which translated to English means "telephone soap", which provides for the elimination of the invisible threat from ultraviolet radiation and simultaneously charging your phone.

Harmful bacteria can multiply freely in the body of the phone, which can make the phone even more dirty than office equipment, used daily by hundreds of employees, or even public toilets as most people rarely wipe your phone in order to disinfect. Development PhoneSoap allows smartphone users to make and charging at the same time disinfect devices, just putting them in a special square container.

Gear PhoneSoap, presumably uses ultraviolet radiation at the top and bottom of the box in order to destroy any bacteria and viruses that are on the phone body. The cleaning process is completed for all the three - five minutes. Device testing showed that the phones can pick up everything - from fecal bacteria to more dangerous viral bacteria resistant to antibiotics even.

Device Project for $ 39 has already collected 35,315 dollars on Kickstarter - it’s funding creative projects, which provides finance, collected donations only if they reach a pre-determined amount. The largest number of donated made contributions of $ 39 - the price of a single device, but more than 100 people contributed $ 75 to get a second PhoneSoap for their relatives or friends. Anyway, this project has earned a lot more money than expected. The original goal was PhoneSoap 18,000 dollars.

Cleansing by hand, could probably do the same job of removing germs from your phone, even if Apple and other smartphone manufacturers do not allow the use of any liquid on their devices. But PhoneSoap can easily pay for itself within a short time compared with the constant buying cleaning products. The new devices also have a behavioral advantage - phone owners do not need to waste time to clean their devices. And plus everything - the phone also charges while cleaning.

Original: Physorg com

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