Software development from year to year is becoming easier


What is necessary for the computer program in order to identify, for example, your cat? Back in 2004, would require the help of staff of specialized software development to create such a control program on a personal computer. Today, even a layman in the field of programming can develop a similar program and run it free on your phone. This is exactly what is trying to prove Aaron Forster, not a programmer, but only information technology consultant.

Ivory Forster, Timothy, quite pretty, but Forster got tired of the fact that he constantly puts home dead or dying birds and mice, then lying on the carpet. Eight years ago, the company-developer of the software, by definition, the image solved that same problem with the cat company, Flo. Quantum Picture developed a special door for the cat, who admitted Flo, but locks the door, if he sees that she pulls something in his mouth. The door is connected to a desktop computer that runs the program capture images Flo and analyzes them as she approached the door. Now, Foster is preparing to build a similar door for a Timothy.

"From what I’ve seen in the past, today’s computing power removes the difficulty of doing so," Forster said in an interview with InnovationNewsDaily. "Part of my project is to prove that you can make a program like this, even without being a computer expert by training."

Computer researchers say that several new tools have made such problems feasible for people passionate about programming as a hobby. But because computer programming is still difficult, people who are looking for guaranteed financial results, not fun, are yet to avoid self-development of such a program.

In an interview, Foster said that in order to learn how to develop similar software it did not even have to buy any books. "All the information I needed I found in specialized forums, wikis and blogs ordinary. I am amazed at how much has changed as far as programming and it has now become more affordable, "says Foster. "For example, to develop my door for a cat I just found on the internet software library, it is specialized for image recognition - OpenCV, and by how much, I was surprised when I learned that the library is completely free of such power."

If the tools for software development and progress will continue to be so, then write a good program can even student, graduated Foster.

Original: Physorg com

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