Anti-bacterial coating that removes up to 99% of bacteria


A simple coating may contain biological bullet, able to kill most persistent mikrobov.Polimernoe coating designed biomedical engineer Mary Chan of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and her colleagues, is already used on contact lenses of the two manufacturers. During use, the coating 99 percent destroys bacteria and fungi with which it comes into contact. The coating may also be used for medical devices, such as, for example, catheters, reducing the need for strong disinfectants and helping to slow the development of resistance in bacteria that colonize the surface of human tkaney.Ideya visited Mary Chan, as she tried to find a way to fight bacteria on contact lenses, which are often the source of infection, which can seriously damage your eyes. For example, Pseudomonas aeruginosa - bacteria that can actually digest the cornea zrachka.Pod microscopic structure of the polymer coating resembles a sponge. The positive charges on its surface like a magnet attracts bacteria, because they have a negative surface charge. After that, the pores in the polymer involve bacteria within, breaking the cell structure of parasitic organisms and killing ih.Chan worked on the anti-bacterial coatings for a long time. She and graduate student Li Peng, have developed before that another polymer, which actually was a lot of fluid and kill bacteria without harming human cells. This work was published in the journal Advanced Materials in March of this year. An earlier version of antibacterial polymer coating Chan contact lens was originally developed last year and published in the print edition of Nature Materials.Universitetsky press release in Nanyang reported that the latest cover of Dr. Mary Chan will help reduce the spread of disease in hospitals and even in kitchens, where bacteria resistant to disinfection and virus - a serious problem. "Our long term goal is to synthesize our development in the form for domestic use, so it can effectively treat bacterial infections within the human body, such as pneumonia and meningitis, replacing antibiotics as a standard treatment, "added Chan.

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