Designed by the transition from the Internet to the integrated intelligence


The stagnation of the global social system is manifested in repeated financial, political, and ideological crises. They are caused by many private reasons, but a common cause of stagnation is biased economic, legal, scientific information, with which many of the elite struggle for power and enriched. This hinders the introduction of advanced technology, distorts trade, reduces the effectiveness of education, health, employment. To end the stagnation and the harmonious development of society need to establish an information network that controls the practical application of reliable information. Over time, this network will help prevent overspending of energy and raw materials, to limit emissions, optimize the use of land, forest, water resources, accelerate the implementation of scientific and technological innovation, cutting-edge architectural concepts. Let’s call it - "Integrated Intelligence".

An important step on the path from the Internet to an integrated intelligence will build Web-language for automating network. His task - to unify the user accounts and data clusters of information to include them in the semantic grid tied to a coordinate system. For example, the X-axis can be detected all network users at the axis Y - meaning addressing request to the axis Z - degree of relevance, and the other axes to organize information other significant characteristics of the cluster. Then, a transfer of data each corresponds with the numerical vector components (x, y, z ...). Web-operation will acquire the mathematical description, and opens the possibility of machine data. Vector network language is not the language of interpersonal communication will not replace the national languages. But, no matter what language did not tell people, it can work in a network of Integral intelligence, acting on the principle of the cloud.

Web-forming language will be implemented in the course of operation of the new information network. Initially, its core can be constructed as a network game, in which many of the participants work together to optimize the development of virtual and real objects or phenomena. Unlike those computer games where the entire algorithm is programmed from the start to the finish of a fixed, "Optimization" should have an open field may be changing in the game. Intermediate solutions offered by the players, will be compared and evaluated with regard to their car novelty and relevance. The machine will be able to identify professional ratings of participants and send them individual tasks. If such a network will master the simple optimization problem quickly expand its functionality, supplemented by many backward and forward linkages, which will solve the high-end management and heuristic task. The new game will appeal to users. Gradually, it becomes not just a game, but also an analytical complex reconfigurable co-ordinating the flow of information, forming a self-organizing, and later, self-developing information space in which the theoretical and experimental data related areas of knowledge will be used to solve actual problems of science, education and health care. As practice shows, the first of a new type of network will have an advantage in growth and the largest capitalization.

The integrated intelligence will be another factor in the progress, not less natural than human speech at the dawn of history. It will create the conditions for the growth of creativity and the desire for self-realization will be one of the leading motivations of the individual.

By Marc Katzenberg

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