Is it possible to fly a spacecraft on the antimatter?


Spring has brought hope for staunch fans of the Star Trek saga that scientists currently working to build an antimatter engine, similar to that which results in a fictional spaceship - Enterprise, in any action movie.

However, scientists can not yet anything to please those dreamers and are willing to continue to cool the thoughts and ideas emerging in their visionary minds.

Ronan Keane (Western Reserve Academy) and Zhang Wei-ming (Kent State University) wrote in his report that the latest data of computer simulations indicate that at least one key component for the operation of the engine working on antimatter - the super-efficient magnetic Nozzle - should be much more effective than previously thought. By the way, these nozzles can be designed through the technologies used today.

Antimatter - it’s not just the stuff of science fiction section. Antimatter - a mirror image of ordinary matter. Thus, the antiparticles are identical in their normal weight "colleagues", but the electric charges of anti-particles are reversed. In the positron would be positive instead of negative charge, while at the antiproton is negative rather than the positive charge.

When antimatter meets matter, the result is - an explosion. Both particles are destroyed in the process, and their combined weight converted into clean energy - electromagnetic radiation that will be pulled out to the outside at a speed exceeding the speed of light.

All this is good, but maybe we’re not quite ready to spacecraft, driven by antimatter. While this is - just fun to play with words, thoughts and ideas of this kind. Maybe one day, one of those crazy ideas translated into reality, and the future generation of astronauts will fly safely to where only the fictional Enterprise ventured to fly.


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