Scientists have developed an electronic paper touchpad


Scientists from France and the United States have developed electronic paper touchpad. According to the creators, their invention will allow for the production of cheap disposable touchpad, which can be applied to any of the products of mass consumption, from packages and containers and ending with medical tools and instruments designed for single use only.

Disposable touchpads invited to produce a metallized paper. This paper is coated with an aluminum layer 10 nm thick over which is deposited film has a transparent polymer. Metallized paper produced on an industrial scale for the production of glossy covers of books, bottle labels, etc. It should be noted that this paper is very inexpensive: it costs about $ 0.25 per square meter.

Metallized paper - the perfect base for creating a capacitor. Two subtle metallic films can be easily placed with a slight clearance. Scientists who worked on this project, have shown two possible configurations of this type of capacitor. To one of them requires a pair of sheets of paper that lie on each other with a horizontal gap between the plates of metal improvised capacitor.

In another configuration, a sufficient sheet on which the laser in the conductor layer "Slots" vertical clearances. Moreover, laser cut allows an unlimited number of individual capacitors, which can be a separate "button". All buttons are connected to an electronic circuit and an external power source. The electronic circuit determines when "pressed" to each button. The human body is a capacitor and when you touch your finger to one of the buttons, the capacity is greatly increased, which is fixed and external electronics.

The description of technology of this device it is clear that as long as a cheap disposable paper touchpad can only dream of. First still have to smash your head over how to make batteries, and any additional electronic "ammunition" such as eco-friendly.

However, the authors of the development is already actively looking for possible areas of application of the child. They are, for example, propose to use it as a remote control to open the lock code on the carton. Extra battery and electronics, according to the researchers, of whom would never have got a good marketing can be retrieved and used in a new cardboard box.

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