Scientists have created a magnetic ekoholodilnik that runs on water


Scientists have created an economical refrigerator that works on the principle of magnetic cooling, this unit can cool the material to - 20,5 gr., While in the systems it instead of Freon and other "greenhouse" gases circulating water is what makes the technology environmentally safe, according to the portal ScienceNordic.

The cooling occurs in conventional refrigerated by the use of pressurized gas - refrigerant (Freon is, ammonia or some hydrocarbons). Circulating through the system, it moves from the "cold" liquid to a "hot" gaseous. Passing inside freezer for tubes gas receives the heat that it was withdrawn from the evaporator and then into the condenser where cools giving heat to the environment outside the refrigerator.

Magnetic refrigeration technology to work, you must magnetizing substance and a strong magnet. Alternately, "blinking" off and on the magnetic field makes it possible to "subdue" the temperature change of substance and cool it down significantly.

The technology is the use of the magnetocaloric effect - that is, the ability of each of the magnetic material to change the temperature and redistribute internal energy. This effect was discovered in 1881 by German scientist Emil Warburg, to use it for the same cooling was proposed by American scientists in 1933, but then it was believed that the power of magnetic refrigerators, as well as the working temperature range is extremely small for industrial uses. However, magnetic refrigerators and several smaller compression, according to some estimates, bring less harm to the environment.

The technology, which was created by experts in Denmark, was named MagCool. It has become energetically "successful" by the right choice of magnetized material - the researchers used gadolinium, which exhibits strong magnetic properties at room temperature (some metals, by comparison, are magnetized at a temperature of about 100 degrees). Gd (gadolinium) - is the chemical element whose atomic number is 64. The cost of pure gadolinium metal market in 2012 amounted to $ 200 per kg.

"We’re going to modify the technology, that it has received the industrial use ... Most of all, four years later, such magnetic refrigerators can be purchased already," - said Nini Prids, project manager MagCool, whose words were given in the message.

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