The new virus is developed in computer games


Flame - a new complex cyber weapons, which forced the Ministry of Petroleum of Iran to shut down their rigs on the Internet - according to local media, it became clear that the virus is designed in the same programming language that was used to create the famous game AngryBirds.

Channel "FoxNews" reported that the virus was written using a computer programming language LUA, which programmers use to create games, as it is quite simple and robust. It is also easy to implement in a variety of computer systems. The report, written by a reliable source, reports that the authors of Flame, may use this language to make the virus difficult to detect.

Ellen Nekeshima of WashingtonPost reported that the virus, also known as Skywiper and Flamer, turned up to 20 times smaller than the virus Stuxnet, which recently hit the Iranian nuclear facility.

ThePost edition also reports that Iran has acknowledged that the Flame virus was detected in computer networks nationwide, and that it is somehow related to the previous attacks, viruses Stuxnet and Duqu.

Because the virus is so complex, it is likely that its development was sponsored by a certain state. Iran has accused the United States of America and Israel in the creation of Stuxnet, although there was no evidence of their authorship. Some government analysts, said in an interview ThePost, that they suspect chtoSShA or Israel, may also be involved in the creation of Flame, partly because of the sophistication of the virus.

U.S. officials declined to comment statyuThePost. Israeli officials have publicly rejected the connection with cyber attacks after the comments of the Vice Prime Minister of the country in which it was asserted that Israel may have been involved in the production of virus Flame.

Moshe Yaelon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs, said in an interview with Israel Radio on Tuesday that it is reasonable for any country which sees Iran as a threat to use "all means which are at its disposal, including viruses to harm Iran’s nuclear system. " Yaelon also said that Israel - a country "rich in developments in the field of high technology."

However, in a statement Bi-bi-si, Yaelona spokesman said "He did not say anything that would imply clearly that Israel is responsible for the creation of the virus."


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