Facebook users exposed to a vote privacy policy


Facebook website reported the largest social network in the world of Facebook has opened its users vote, hoping to get them to the approval of the new rules privacy policy.

Users exposed to a vote two documents - "Usage Policy" and the "Regulations on the duties and rights." Back in March of this year, the company posted on its web-site workers updated versions of both documents and called for regulators and market users comment on them.

According to representatives of Facebook, now complete the term of "feedback" and the network issued a sanitized version of the documents submitted. Facebook has called more than nine million people take part in the vote on the documents through an application that is developed by Wildfire platform Facebook.

June 1 was open vote, and it will end at 9.00 (20.00 MSK) in the morning on June 8. Voting will be held if more than 30% of users will take part in it, and they must show a monthly online activity. If the virtual "presence" will be lower, then the results of the voting will be included in a group of recommendation.

Facebook, held an IPO in May and is now a public company, conducting the second time global vote among the users. A similar poll conducted in the social network for the first time in 2009, being on the start-up stage, when the number of users was about two hundred million.

The decision to hold the vote among the users meet the requirements that are brought against Facebook by the American State Trading Commission. We note that the Commission will agree to the settlement of an investigation regarding Facebook privacy policy only if the network will receive a satisfactory response from the user in making its new profile privacy features that can be applied retroactively.

In addition, FTC demanded that Facebook users do not enter a misconception about what information about them will be able to see the strangers, including advertisers.

Perhaps through a referendum Online Facebook decided to avoid the fate of Google, the new privacy policy which came into force in March of this year, caused a negative criticism of competitors, human rights activists and authorities. Like Google, Facebook has agreed to an independent audit of compliance with data privacy of users for twenty years.

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