Upgrading the system of Internet addresses to happen this week


Internet will undergo a major upgrade this week, but if all goes as planned, the users may not even notice it.

The change will occur on Wednesday, at 4 am in Moscow. The new system will allow multiple Internet addresses to expand the space of Internet addresses. Instead of the current cheteryh billion, will increase the number of addresses to trillions. The need to introduce a new standard due to lack of IP-addresses in the old system.

Full transition will take several years, so older devices and networks working on technology IPv4, will continue to function as before.

"Most people do not have anything to notice," - said Leo Vegoda, manager organization Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which operates a system of Internet addresses. "If ordinary people are required to make an effort, it means that the technology is something wrong."

But Vegoda reported that there may be some "disorder" for those users that use old equipment to connect to networks and computers to the new standard.

This situation can be compared with the lack of phone numbers for all users. According to estimates Cisco, for 2016 the number of network connections will be about $ 19 billion, or about 2.5 connections for every living person, while in 2011 the number was 10.3 million.

If not enough addresses, neighbors will have to share the one IP-address, which will slow down the connection. But the coexistence of IPv4 systems and IPv6, the connection will be forced to find them compatible with the "path" that can go on longer than usual. This may lead to slower connections, but Vegoda expects problems will be "relatively small".

Johannes Ullrich of the SANS Technology Institute, said that in some cases "you can undergo a decrease in speed and reliability," if you stay on IPv4. But, he said, over time, this modernization will lead to a more stable internet connection.

"Do not think about IPv6 as a threat. Treat it as an opportunity," - he said. "With IPv6, you can make your network more secure."

Large companies such as Google, Facebook and Cisco, companies and encourage the transition of ordinary people to the new standard, arguing that this would facilitate communication between a variety of devices and networks.

Original: Phys.org

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