Develop DARPA will eliminate the need for hired workers for clothing


The new development DARPA fully automates tailoring. Next DARPA to develop fully automates the production process. Sewing machines that sew their own clothes, developed in advanced research projects agency of the Ministry of Defense (DARPA). Create sewing machines that do not need to work people can generate concern in the loss of jobs.

The advent of fully automated sewing machines will affect 500,000 people working in the field of military uniforms, working conditions and wages are still a matter of debate. In general, fully automatic sewing machines could revolutionize the garment industry in the U.S., which imports clothing from countries such as China and Vietnam, for a total of $ 100 billion a year.

Officially announced by the goal of this project is to create a "capacity with zero living labor, directly spent on production."

The contract for the project, valued at $ 1.25 million, has received firm Softwear Automation, which is a branch of Georgia Tech. According to the company, automatic sewing will reduce the price of sewing to a lower level "than in China." The company’s goal, as expressed in DARPA, is in the "automatic tailoring by micromanipulation."

Currently SoftWear Automation has developed a "conceptual" version of the system. On their website they report: "SoftWear Automation, Inc. Works with various partners to transform the labor-intensive to capital-intensive industries."

The Managing Director, Steve Dickerson, expressed concern that the garment industry is almost all gone from the United States. In this regard, the research team is working on a "robotic tailors" in the hope of return to their country of production.


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