Virtual cop on the identification of a suspect


According to many criminologists and advocates of people, a large number of judicial errors could be avoided if the identification parade was held not witness led detectives and impartial computer.

Such a conclusion was Brent Dougherty (Brent Daugherty) with colleagues from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (University of North Carolina in Charlotte). Scientists believe that in many cases the investigators themselves have a major influence on the choice of the witness in the course of criminal identification.

First started talking about this issue in 2003, after the organization of the project, "Innocence" in New York (Innocence Project in New York), the main aim of which is to justify the innocent convicted, analyzed some 130 cases unjustly detained men freed later after further DNA analysis.

In 77 per cent of the cases studied the main cause of erroneous judgment was incorrect identification of the criminal witness.

In an effort to ensure the impartiality of the process of identification of the suspect from a photograph, Dougherty has built a team, "Officer Garcia" ("Officer Garcia") - a virtual three-dimensional animated image of a man can recognize his voice.

To check the virtual detective, the team showed 260 volunteers staging video stealing the wallet and asked them to have identified the thief, first under the guidance of a disinterested student leading a process of identification and then led a virtual investigator.

It was found that in both cases the results were the same, ie "Officer Garcia" has fulfilled the identification process as impartially as a total stranger, disinterested in the choice of the witness people.

The team plans to test a virtual detective in the real world. Who knows, perhaps in the future, computers will not only find the perpetrators, but also to put them behind bars. The main thing is that computers are not mistaken. All the details about the main events of the day widgets news let us know.


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