Riot police will change clothes in costumes of Spider-Man


All fans of comic books knows that superhero Spiderman can climb with ease, even on vertical surfaces. Such military superpowers would be useful, for example, to overcome obstacles or storm buildings.

American students have created a Spider-Man costume that will quickly climb even completely smooth vertical walls. It is equipped with a vacuum elektroprisoskami Ascending Aggies, through which suit securely attaches itself to the surface and allows the men to climb up. The prototype developed with funding from the Air Force Research Laboratory, have allocated for this project costume Spider-Man $ 150,000.

The costume is called Vertical Ascender. His prototype can lift a vertical surface up to 136 kg. However, while it it turns very noisy. Lightweight tubular frame costume powered by lithium-ion batteries, which ensure continuous operation for half an hour, which is several times larger than the expected duration of the climb.

Vertical Ascender is very noisy, which does not allow its use as a staff special forces equipment, as to mask the noise of vacuum pumps can only continuous roar of explosions. However, despite its noisiness, this technology can be very useful in the implementation of many activities that do not require stealth, for example, in rescue operations, the construction and installation work in robotics and other fields.

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