Construction of a vertical vessel is scheduled this year


This year kicks off construction of the vertical ship SeaOrbiter, a project that developed a French architect Jean Ruzhri. The vessel will have a 51-meter height and will be half submerged in the water. According to the draft, the height is several times the width of the vessel (9.8 m) and length (21 m).

This is done primarily of scientific reasons: oceanography should be able to be studied in the environment for a long time. Conventional submerged in water scare devices underwater inhabitants, forcing them to hide. Movement, light, air bubbles are unusual for them. When building a long time at a depth of, and enjoys the course and very rarely includes an engine, it is an entirely different matter!

Why do you need the upper portion protruding above the water? The fact that prolonged submersion badly affects the nerves of humans, moreover, lack of fresh air and daylight too heavy to carry. As planned by scientists, SeaOrbiter years will drift with the currents, and the composition of the crew will often try to change.

SeaOrbiter will be equipped science laboratories with technical equipment and living quarters with kitchen appliances, and will also have a library, a gym, a relaxation area. Viewing platforms will be under water and above water at a height of 5 m and 13 m at the bottom of the bridge will be located, and the top will serve as a recreational area for researchers.

As you plan to use biodiesel fuel to meet the energy needs of the crew and scientists will serve as solar panels. By the way, thanks to the presence in the regenerative operation of the motor, they will be able to produce a small amount of energy when the ship drifting with the current.

As for the cost of the research vessel, the developers are planning to invest in a $ 43 million, although the project is estimated at more than $ 52 million, for the construction of this type built in Europe, in principle, not a very big price.

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