Having a baby for the first time photographed by magnetic resonance imaging


First made video of childbirth in the apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Christian Bamberg and a team from the Charite Hospital in Berlin, Germany, announced it reached in December 2010, but the video was posted to access until now.

The video shows the second stage of labor, in which the mother pushes the fetus. This recording technique called cinematic MRI, does a lot of photos of the section of the body, and then combines them into a single sequence, creating a video. This technique was recently used for the first time to study a common complication among twins where one of the fruit gets more blood and becomes much larger than the other.

Using MRI, the team was able to explore the relationship between the movement of the fetus and its position during the passage through the birth canal that will allow doctors to better understand and assist in childbirth. In the future, the team plans to visualize the first stage of labor by using this technique. These records can be used to create a computer-based training in a virtual reality environment.

Original: Newscientist.com

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