Scientists are equipped with temperature control jacket


The company promises to Ministry of Supply in the near future to launch men’s shirts on sale, which uses an unusual technology integrated thermal control, reminiscent of the cooling system used by NASA in space suits.

The technology for these shirts is to use a special lightweight material with phase-change. Such material is applied to the surface of normal tissue and cotton under normal conditions is a solid. With increasing temperature, the organic substance which contains mikrobugorki sprayed is melted and stores heat, without passing it to the body. Once inside the conditioned space, the liquid contents in mikrobugorkah solidifies gradually giving body and shirt stored heat. Because of this transition to a low temperature is relaxed, which helps prevent the common cold.

Furthermore, in the natural cotton fabric has a pair of percent synthetic fibers. They absorb and moisture is removed from the body, not allowing a man dressed in a shirt and sweat. Internal coating has antimicrobial properties, and the fabric of the creators added a silver shirt microthread. These measures help to kill the bacteria living in the pot, which gives it a "flavor", which is, in fact, the smell of their waste.

Designers using special software to calculate the form of shirts with the day to day movements of the men. The result will always be a shirt neatly tucked, even after a lot of sudden movements or jogging through the park. For women shirt Ministry of Supply has not yet established, but it promises.

Shirt named Apollo Shirt. As for its price, then, according to the manufacturers in the U.S. market, it does not rise above $ 130, which for shirts "office" type is not top of the cost. Delivery shirts outside the U.S. will cost $ 25. Sales should begin this fall. It should be noted that the company has already sold a batch of Apollo Shirt, but they cost much more. Producers promise that the simplification of production methods on the quality of shirts does not affect, but will greatly reduce the price.

According to the materials

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