On plastic cards will be a new type of hologram (+ video)


Today, plastic cards with different degrees of protection are used very widely. This may be credit cards, various certificates, discount cards and so on. Many cards have holographic images, but they are relatively easy to forge. Recently, researchers from the company SABIC Innovative Plastics and GE Global Research have developed a new class of thermoplastic holographic materials, implanted directly into the plastic of which is made card, making it virtually impossible to counterfeit or copied.

The new technology will provide a much greater degree of protection than the existing security technologies, as instead of printing on the surface of the hologram "fused" directly into the plastic card itself, making it an integral part of the latter.

Holograms are applied to the particulate material based on thermoplastics which can then be treated as an ordinary plastic and molded into the card itself. On one card, you can place multiple holograms, which increases the number of degrees of protection.

The video shows an example of such a hologram - a three-dimensional image of the human face, which is rotated by tilting the card. Holograms can also be pictures, fingerprints, or even animation.

Tom Stanley (Tom Stanley), Vice-President of SABIC, said the new technology could be used for the verification of all types of electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, and many other types of consumer goods, not including identity cards and credit cards.

Engineers working on the technology for more than six years, and hope that their new holographic materials will be widely used in the next two to three years. Receive a daily hot news - download news ticker, be aware of world events.

Original: PhySorg.com

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