The new open video game console could revolutionize the video game industry


If you have not heard about Ouya, it is because at the moment, it only exists as a prototype. But the runaway public response to the message about this development, suggesting that not be long to wait translating this concept into reality.

The creators of Ouya just two days raised over 3 million dollars to build this device. Originally, they had hoped to collect an amount of $ 950,000 per month using the site collection of financial aid for new projects Kickstarter. But only for the first eight hours, this project has collected a million dollars, becoming the first project on Kickstarter, which stepped the mark of 1 million.

What is Ouya? This is an open game console based on Android, developed a fairly well-known industrial designer Yves Behar and filantropistom (he created laptops for $ 100 as part of the project "One Laptop per Child"). What exactly is meant by the word "open"? Unlike consoles such as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, where game developers have to buy the expensive development tools, here they are available for free.

Anyone will be able to make games for Ouya, without having to spend a license and pay a fraction of the creators of the console game sales. This will make the development of games for the platform accessible to enthusiasts and open the console games market for small firms or even individual developers.

"The console market pushes developers away from you" - say the developers Ouya. "We are seeing a brain drain: some of the best and most creative game makers have focused their attention on mobile and social games, as they are more friendly to him."

There is only one requirement for developers: at least part of the gameplay should be free.

Exit Ouya matras is scheduled for 2013. The creators promise that the price would not exceed $ 100.

This platform will be equipped with a processor Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory.

Received donations from more than 24 million people in just two days, it can be argued that Ouya hit the mark aspirations of gamers. The future will tell whether they will meet expectations, this new platform.


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