Graphene - self-healing material


A group of researchers from the UK, led by Konstantin Novoselov nobeliatom recorded an incredible recovery process graphene - carbon layer one atom thick - its own pre-damaged physical structure.

In the report the researchers, which was presented to the American magazine Nano Letters, says that the film is damaged graphene material can "own" bridge the gap and fully restore the broken structure. Need to "simply expose it to direct unbound atoms of carbon."

This discovery was made in the course of studying the effects of scientific staff from joining the metal contacts to the carbon material, which is a prerequisite for the application of its unique electronic properties. The process has been mainly associated with breaching the graphene film in small holes with electron beams. The main objective of the researchers was to determine the nature of the resulting gaps.

To the surprise of experts, prototypes of carbon atoms actively rushed to the damaged site, which helped fix a sheet of graphene. It was found that the edges of the holes can communicate even metal atoms, if present, and the carbon may form irregularly shaped graphene sheets. Meanwhile, the "pure", the carbon atoms exhibited the ability to "eliminate loopholes, pushed out of the way metal atoms and thus form a new grid of hexagons," which is characteristic of graphene.

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