Hard Disk Jewel retain information for a million years


Sapphire hard drive will last a million years, which will solve the problem, so exciting archaeologists. Patrick Charton of the French Agency for the management of nuclear waste ANDRA, introduced a new way of long-term preservation of data through the sapphire, on which the information is engraved on a thin layer of platinum. This CD was presented to Evronauchnom open forum as a means of storing information for future archaeologists.

They represent two thin disc of sapphire, coated with a thin layer of platinum. To check the reliability of the drive and simulate aging, they were placed in acid. With sapphire disk can store up to 40,000 pages of text or images that are etched on platinum. The information can be read using a microscope.

The main method of application is to keep the information for future scholars who will be determined by the disks burial of nuclear waste. Nuclear reactors produce radioactive waste that must be stored out of reach for millions of years. Future generations will need to know the place of burial.

The developers of these graves have no doubt that the waste will be stored securely until they are disturbed future archaeologists, who decided to start excavations at these sites. The markers should be a means of warning about the places where the excavation should be done. With sapphire disk warning message can be encoded in several written forms of communication between people, including words, icons and charts. This project involves both linguists and creative professionals, such as artists

According to the researchers, at the moment they do not know the language in which to encode the message.

Other uses of this invention may be to preserve the accumulated knowledge of mankind luggage.

Demonstrated the production of a copy of the prototype will cost 30 thousand dollars.

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Original: Phys.org

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