Created fiber laser length of 270 kilometers


Fiber optic cable length of 270 kilometers, was transformed into the longest fiber laser in the world. Its creators believe that this invention will result in a high-speed technology to transfer large amounts of data the new generation.

When normal telephone conversations or data transmitted over the Internet is converted into the light flux to pass through a standard optical-fiber cable, the signal loses about 5 percent of capacity on each kilometer cable. Therefore, the signal must pass through amplifiers that he came to the end point, but the process creates a background noise and reduces the quality of the signal.

Based on the Raman effect, a group of scientists from the British University of Aston (University of Aston), has managed to achieve a uniform distribution of light in an optical fiber cable. It is possible to create ultra-long fiber laser, offering new opportunities for ultra-fast transfer of large amounts of data over long distances without the need for an intermediate signal amplification.

Scientists were able to achieve a high-quality signal transmission over a distance of 270 km. For comparison, the previous record for the length of the fiber laser is 75 kilometers.

Reference: Raman effect (a natural phenomenon in which change the properties of the light passing through the material) is used to convert a long optical fiber ultralong laser. Lasers are placed at each end of the cable, make some of the fibers of the atoms emit more energy and emit photons (particles of light) with a longer wavelength. These photons are reflected back into the fiber special mirrors at each end of the optical link. This conveys fiber stably uniform amount of laser radiation which passes the signals and amplifies them, giving them an opportunity to overcome the fiber at full capacity, without any loss, thus eliminating the need for additional signal gain.

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