The ideal recipe foam is created in space


Any chef will confirm that the production of the perfect chocolate mousse - half science and half art. The fact that any culinary masterpiece is a work of art is difficult to argue, but not a perfect science mousse not get it.

Food industry in the production of foam, decorating many kinds of food and beverages (coffee, meringue, etc.) is working with the European Space Agency (ESA). It helps to understand how the formation of foam and how it is held. Any consumer wants chocolate mousse has not lost its texture and taste of the supermarket on the way home. However, many of your favorite foods in a few minutes deprived of delicious fluffy foam.

On Earth, develop the ideal foam is very difficult. This stems from the force of gravity on the planet, literally crush the fragile foam bubbles. Therefore, scientists from ESA study the properties of the foam in zero gravity, where there is no interference to the education and development of bubbles.

ESA investigates foam for more than 20 years. 10 years of research space agency attracted the attention of private food company Nestle. Food companies are very interested in the creation of high-quality foam and always looking for new ways of production, trying to outdo each other to attract new customers. After all, a stable foam is ideal, for example, chocolate mousse, gives a pleasant feeling velvety in the mouth, and the coffee gives surprising ease.

The problem is that in microgravity foam to create much more complex than it seems to all of us, which is why experts conduct experiments in zero gravity. After a series of experiments, the researchers concluded that the pumping liquid into a special shape best using pistons with electromagnetic drive.

The first experiments with milk protein for Nestle conducted during parabolic flights, which provides short-lived weightlessness.

Scientists believe that using the right equipment and intend to conduct large-scale experiments on the International Space Station. Such attention to the production of foam should please consumers, because about half of the food in the refrigerator each of us is created on the basis of emulsion and foam. If the ESA specialists will be able to find a way of making the perfect foam, the shelf life of manufactured products based on it will be possible to significantly extend without adding unnecessary, often not very useful ingredients and with no loss of flavor.

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