Scientists have created the vessels of the fat from liposuction


Scientists Oklahoma found that stem cells removed from the fat obtained by liposuction suitable for growing blood vessels of small diameter which are necessary for bypass surgery on the heart. These data were presented in a press release by the American Heart Association.

Patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system in the world every year feel the need for small diameter vessels, directing blood to bypass the damaged or blocked arteries.

"The vessels, which are implanted by surgeons today are typical embedded risk of deviation from the proper functioning or clogging. Grown our vessels have a good performance and we hope that they will work effectively. Containers also prevent the accumulation of platelets, which causes narrowing of the arteries," - said Nollert Mathias, director of research.

According to experts, the vessels grown by fat cells that can solve critical problems with implantation of blood vessels taken from other parts of the body, or with the use of artificial blood vessels.

The researchers managed to obtain smooth muscle cells from stem cells in fat that they then distributed on a very thin film of collagen. After the cells multiply, the base was rolled up into a tube with a diameter similar to that of blood vessels. Four weeks later, the design was a vessel fit for use.

Within 6 months, the researchers intend to get a working sample of the vessel to carry out experiments on animals.

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