Google has started to provide free home internet


On Thursday, Google introduced a super-fast Web service as well as internet TV in Kansas City, as part of a pilot project to increase the availability of broadband internet.

Ultra-fast broadband network The Google Fiber, will be available starting in September. The rate for the users will be one gigabit per second, which is 100 times faster than most on the market today offers.

This cable will provide home users as Internet access, and cable TV, all at a single subscription. Control your connection will be using a tablet computer free from Google, which is free of charge.

"Google Fiber is 100 times faster than today’s average broadband networks," - said vice-president of Google, Milo Medin.

"No more buffering. Will not boot. No need to wait. Gigabit speed will get rid of these annoying, archaic problems and open up a world of new possibilities for the world wide web. Imagine instantaneous transmission of data, a truly global education, medical examination by a 3D- equipment, and even new industries that will be possible only with the advent of such a speed. "

The proposed plans, in addition to the Internet is provided "regular TV that you watched on cable TV," as well as pay-on-demand, as Medin said at the opening of the project.

According to Google, super-fast Internet and television will cost $ 120 per month, including the installation and a free tablet. In addition, there is a plan only with the Internet, which costs $ 70 a month.

In the load to these plans, will be available and absolutely free Internet at speeds of five megabits per second, though there will have to pay for the installation.

At this point people began to register in Kansas City who want to join the project.

It is not clear how quickly the project will be launched in other cities.

Google announced plans to build an experimental high-speed internet network two years ago, because of the lag the U.S. to other developed countries in the speed and availability of broadband internet.

"Quick - it’s better than slow. Online, no one wants to wait for buffering the video or download site," - said Medin.

The head of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachouski, praised the efforts of Google. "For the U.S. to remain competitive on the world stage, we need to expand our broadband capabilities and encourage broadband innovation," - said in a statement. "The availability of broadband speeds and the transition from megabits to gigabits strong opportunities for innovation in medicine, education, business and other fields."


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