Journey to Mars, now you can take from the comfort of home


Interest in the mission of the rover Curiosity, made a successful landing on the Red Planet, is huge and because the U.S. space agency NASA has invited all interested to go on a virtual tour Mars. Everyone who installs on your computer player UnityWebPlayer, can, from the comfort of your home on a fascinating journey to Mars with Curiosity.

Mars rover mission, whose main objective is to answer the question whether there was ever life on Mars last two years and during this period it will be possible to obtain a three-dimensional model of their computers route system, to monitor his movements and receive the results of his work in the form of still images and video. And all the interesting pictures can be enlarged and consider in detail.

Already, the rover transmitted to Earth thousands of pictures every day and their number is increasing. Virtual Martian environment is modeled through these photographs taken in the area of Gale Crater. All new photos will be immediately incorporated into the project and made available to users worldwide.

On materials:

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