A prototype of a flying bike from Star Wars


In this video you can see a live demonstration of a flying bike. It remains to wait lightsabers gold robot and hyperspace engines.

This device was developed by Aerofex from Manhattan Beach on the southern coast of California. This flying bike does not use anti-gravity, and the powerful fan and a special control system that is accessible even to an untrained person.

Demonstration of the bike was in the Mojave Desert. At this point, it can reach speeds of 48 km / h and rises to a height of 4.5 meters. Although the rate may seem low, but it is only the first prototype.

The management of this mechanism is intuitive - the person should only naklanyatsya and balance as when riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

Unfortunately, in the near future it will be impossible to buy this bike. They plan to sell its first military who first gain access to this technology. According to the company, the bike can be used for the carriage of cargo in rough terrain without worrying about the wheels or tracks. And unlike helicopters and other flying machines, this bike is capable of passing through the trees and canyons. "This bike has a unique advantage, as demonstrated ability to maneuver between trees, close to walls and under bridges."

As reported, the company will develop a second version in October. Testing unmanned bike is scheduled for late 2013.

Original: Gizmodo.com

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