Britain began selling miniature printers for smartphones


The UK has begun taking orders for mobile printers LittlePrinter cost 199 pounds. The new development studio Berg will also be sold in the United States and Canada. There’s the selling price of the device will be about 260 dollars. In addition, each purchaser will pay extra shipping cost. First orders made in August, will be completed by October this year.

Mini printer can print the contents of web sites or other information from other sources on the narrow paper tape. LittlePrinter sold with the device BERG CloudBridge, which is responsible for the wireless internet connection and data transfer to the printer directly. Each customer will receive adapters for charging the device, and a few rolls of paper for printing. Printer works without the use of ink and prints information on a special narrow thermal paper.

For the first time information on the miniature printing device LittlePrinter appeared in the late fall of last year. It turns out that the path from concept to its implementation was less than one year.

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