From disaster rescue a "miracle bubble"


A resident of the People’s Republic of China Zhongfu Yang came up with the ball, the main function of which is to rescue people during natural calamities and disasters. Have already passed the first test of a "miracle ball", in which the functionality of the received high praise from experts in the field.

Life inside the bowl with a stunt roll back with a 50-meter cliff, swam in rough water and tested by fire. Comfortable fit in a special chair and a variety of defensive mechanisms to provide a high degree of security a person who is inside the ball. Diameter of the "bubble" is four meters high and weighs more than three tons. Inside there is a video surveillance system and ventilation, as well as everything you need to survive in extreme situations. The author of this project assures that the ball will serve as a good protection against radiation and fire. It is necessary to guarantee the survival of this about 24 thousand dollars.

Young Zhongfu is known in China innovator and generator of ideas. He has developed and patented more than 300 inventions. One of them was the government was highly appreciated. For the development of special equipment designed for snow removal from city streets, the inventor has received a high state award from the hands of the Prime Minister of China Wen Jiabao.

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