Hacking the brain by means of an inexpensive headset


Scientists have demonstrated how to ’hack’ someone’s brains to learn, for example, PIN-code, using a cheap headset.

Researchers from California, Oxford and the University of Geneva, found a way to pull sensitive information directly from the person’s head. This can be anything from PIN-code to a bank account.

They are being used in commercially available game controller for $ 299.

They used a cheap headset called Emotive, allowed to know PIN-codes, and even a human habitation.

The subjects were in front of a computer screen and take a look at the emerging picture of banks, people and PIN-codes, while scientists monitored the brain signals, especially one of them, known as the P300.

P300 signal occurs when a person encounters that with which regularly have to face.

It occurs in 300 milliseconds after recognition, hence its name.

As a test of the team showed photos of President Barack Obama, which caused a surge in testifying about recognition.

They were also shown their house, which caused a similar reaction.

"These devices have access to your raw electrical signals of the brain (electroencephalography, or EEG) that behave in accordance with certain neurological laws generated by the subconscious activity," - said Ivan Martinovic from Oxford.

"The main question that we tried to answer was the question of whether threatens our privacy threat?".

The team found that they are able to detect a person’s home to 60% of cases, and a 40% chance managed to find the first issue of PIN-code.

In the published article, scientists reported that "P300 can be used to detect the presence of the suspect in the memory of important information."

"P300 offers great opportunities for questioning, enabling find out details of the suspect committed a crime," - wrote the researchers.

Emotiv headset is commonly used as a game controller.

Original: Dailymail.co.uk

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