Volkswagen has developed a model of the underwater vehicle


German automaker Volkswagen engineers have developed a new model of car Beetle, able to move under water. This prototype released in one instance, and made especially for the program channel Discovery, which tells about the underwater world.

The new Volkswagen Beetle, is designed to move along the bottom of the seas and other bodies of water. Externally submarine reminiscent of the legendary Volkswagen Beetle car "Beetle". As with all cars, it has a motor, wheels, and control submersible vehicle can scuba diver with an upgraded steering system. In the underwater vehicle is recharging station, which allows divers during a walk along the seabed connected to the oxygen system and recharge their snorkels. This will allow divers to stay under water for much longer than usual.

Volkswagen engineers claim that this car can also be used as cells against the Sharks. He would be a solid protection for the submarine and help scientists in the study of life of the most fearsome and dangerous marine predators.

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