Charging a new battery requires only two dozen seconds


The main disadvantages of modern batteries are charging for a long time and a sharp drop in capacity over time. The new technology proposed by researchers from the University of Illinois is able to cope with one of these drawbacks. Now created by the new technology of nickel-metal hydride battery reaches 75 percent threshold charge in just 3 seconds, and 90 per cent charge is 20 seconds. Besides argues that such a charging rate will persist for hundreds of recharges.

U.S. scientists instead of lithium transport was used as the base material chemical compound LiFePO4. In the new battery charge time reduction is achieved by providing greater access to the electrodes. This reduces the distance between the ions and the electrode. All this plus the use of a "highly structured cathodes" leads to the rapid transfer of charges and reduce the charging time.

The authors of the new charging method claim that the technology can work with both lithium and with nickel batteries. They hope that their development will be widely distributed and will be used in most modern electronic devices.

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