Smartphones can be controlled by moving the eyes


The EyeTribe Danish company unveiled a working prototype of the device allows you to control a flatbed with eyes. The engineers of the company have developed a fantastic technology and assembled in the very near future to put this new product on the market to the mass market.

For the first time the device for training the eye was shown at the conference LeWeb 2012. The new control method smartphones using eye movement is still in the concept stage, but the Danes promise to hold mass testing is very near future. At the very least, announced that certain unnamed investor committed to the commercialization of this grand idea of 800 thousand dollars.

The EyeTribe company was established several years ago by a group of Danish students. Her specialty is the development of software tools for unusual exposure to mobile communication system. The latest development is working with a camera that monitors eye movements. These algorithms are compared with the available database standards.

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