Silicone robot changes its color depending on the environment


Experts at Harvard University have gone from the traditional methods of construction of artificial machines and created a new generation of robot with soft tissues, other means of conveyance. Additionally made of silicone robot has the ability to change its color depending on the changes in the environment.

He is able to camouflage and blend in with the surrounding landscape or nanoborot, fill with bright colors and sharp contrast with all that is situated around it. As a prototype of the artificial being made by the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, octopus and cuttlefish. The robot was very similar to their manner of movement and functional ability.

Silicone robot limb driven flow of compressed air supplied by special tubes. This makes the robot flexible and smooth. His color is changing with the introduction of the dye in the system located inside the tiny channels and pipes. While the dye is transferred from the outside, but further ink tank can be positioned inside the robot.

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