The device EyeRing make life easier for blind people


Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presented a prototype device that helps blind people to better orient themselves in space and make their lives. This development is a ring you wear on your arm with a camera. The kit also includes a processor and a Bluetooth module.

To get started EyeRing need to press the start button, and then all commands are transmitted verbally. For the identification of the items, reading letters and other actions involving visual images enough to send the ring at an object. The camera immediately pass the information on your smartphone, where it is processed, after which the response generated will go to a blind person through headphones.

In the store, restaurant or any other public place, the ring will help the blind navigate in space. For example, when buying clothes device will tell about the color of the selected items, according to the price list the price and give it to the owner, and if necessary, help them get the right purse money bill. The authors of the project plan to begin mass production of the aid in the very near future and the promise that it will cost around $ 100.

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