Intel introduced the next-generation Haswell


Can the Intel processors to reduce energy consumption by 41 percent? That such results can boast the new processors Haswell. This is the next generation of processors will be presented at the next Intel Developer Forum products in San Francisco.

Haswell processors are a new micro-architecture of the existing 22nm process technology. On the assurances of Intel this fourth version will have an increased level of security, although the main advantage is the reduction of energy consumption.

With Haswell, TDP power consumption drops to 10 watts. This is significantly less than the previous microarchitecture on 22nm process technology, Ivy Bridge, for which it was 17 watts. TDP term refers to the amount of energy required for cooling the chip. CPUs with Ivy Bridge microarchitecture had a TDP of 17V.

By reducing the amount of energy consumed, ultrabooks and laptops will become even thinner and able to work longer without recharging.

Partners Intel Haswell processors will be able to get this year. Consumer products based on this processor will be available next year.

The company delivers Intel processors for more than 80% of the computers in the world, even though the competitors began to give way in the field of smart phones and tablets. The main reason for the success of the competition is more energy efficient processors manufactured by them.


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