The new supercomputer of the Raspberry Pi and design LEGO costs less than $ 4,000


Computer engineers from Sauntgemptonskogo University have created a supercomputer from 64 Raspberry Pi single-board computers and designer LEGO.

The team, led by Professor Simon Cox, came Richard Boardman, Andy Everett, Steven Johnston, Jeroen Kaiping, Neil O’Brien, Mark Scott and Oz Parchment, and 6-year-old son of Professor Cox, who tested the system and acted as a specialist in LEGO.

Professor Cox said: "Once we have acquired the required number of computer Raspberry Pi, we wanted to check whether it is possible to combine them into a single supercomputer. We have compiled and installed all the software on the Pi, starting with the standard image of Debian Wheezy, and we published a guide you could also create your own supercomputer. "

Rack was created using LEGO specially developed by Simon and his son James design. James also participated in the testing of Raspberry Pi, programming it using the free programming language Python and Scratch over the summer. The supercomputer was named "Iridis-Pi" in honor of the university superkompyuera called Iridis. In this supercomputer is connected to one of the standard 13 amp socket in, and communication between nodes is carried out on a local network using Ethernet Data Interface MPI (Message Passing Interface).

Value of the whole system is less than $ 4,000 (except for switches). The supercomputer consists of 64 processors, and the total amount of memory was 1 TB (to 16 GB SD-card for each Raspberry Pi). Professor Cox used a free add-on ’Python Tools for Visual Studio’ to develop code for Raspberry Pi.

Professor Cox added: "The first test was launched by us, of course, on the calculation of pi on Raspberry Pi using MPI, which is the standard first test for the new supercomputer."

"Our team would like to have this low-cost system, has inspired and enabled the students to apply high-performance computing and data processing for complex engineering and scientific problems."

James Cox (6 years) said: "The computer Raspberry Pi - a very interesting and amazing that it fits in my hand, and I can write computer programs or play games on it."


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