In Germany, released the longest bus


The new vehicle is designed to carry passengers, was set up in the walls of the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. A distinctive feature of AutoTram ExtraGrand, which can be translated as "avtotramvay" are its record size. The height of the vehicle is 3.5 meters, width - 2.5 meters, length - 30 meters record. The flagship of public transport at the same time accommodates 256 people. These specifications can be considered a means of transport of passengers by bus the longest in the world.

Bus-record holder was constructed in the framework of the state program aimed at the development of transport. This project was initiated by the Ministry of Education and Research of Germany, which has provided grant for this research. The Fraunhofer Institute has been studying the infrastructure of settlements and the development of the urban transport system.

In the engine compartment of the bus set hybrid installation that can operate as a normal internal combustion engine and electric motor. The management of this vehicle is virtually identical to the standard driving buses, so any bus driver can easily seats behind the wheel "avtotramvaya." At the moment, in the suburbs of Dresden completed road tests, and in two or three months, the longest bus in the world can appear on city streets.

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