Created a robotic fish for pollution of the world ocean


Three years of continued experiments with fish-robot, designed to become an environmentalist. Scientists have reported on the creation of a prototype that can surf the seas and oceans, to search for the most contaminated sites and to signal their coordinates on the base.

"Smart" fish-robot literally crammed with all kinds of sensors and sensors, so it is able to chat while driving to conduct chemical analysis of water and report on the degree of contamination of the sectors covered. Information collected floating robot processed in seconds and transmitted in real time.

The fish-robot can be called a floating chemical laboratory. The experiments proved its mobility and greater efficiency. So the fish robot may soon become an indispensable tool for scientists, marine researchers and environmentalists. The creators of new items hope that their robotic conservationist will be in demand and widely available. "Smart" fish will be made to order at the price of just over 30 thousand dollars.

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