Price of new materials 16GB iPhone 5 priced at $ 168


According to data published by UBM TechInsights, the price of the new A6 chip is $ 28, making it the most expensive component of the new iPhone 5. The new, larger 4-inch display has been priced at $ 18, plus $ 7.50 for touch-screen display and glass cover.

The new 4G LTE modem from Qualcomm is also one of the most expensive components of the device, which was valued at $ 25.

A new, more subtle camera costs $ 10, and NAND-flash $ 9, and SDRAM $ 4. Chip Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS in their opinion, it is worth $ 4.

Of course, the price of materials of the new iPhone 5 is not included the cost of research and development incurred by Apple in the creation of these components, as well as for the development of iOS, or assembly, packaging and delivery of the device. The market price of a new 16GB iPhone 5 is $ 199, including a two-year warranty.

For comparison, the same company estimates that the 16GB iPhone 4S, which is available for $ 99, includes materials, the price is $ 132, while the iPhone 4 was priced at $ 112.


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