The company introduced KeuView keyboard with display


The American company KeuView presented its new development in the form of a computer keyboard with a screen Smartype. It is designed for beginners recently begun to explore printing techniques and for everyone who prints slowly and stiffly.

Most computer users do not own method of touch typing, and therefore feel the need for typing sustainably view from the keyboard to the monitor and back. This leads to numerous errors, as the loss of time and effort. The developers have come up with a new keyboard to equip it with a small screen that you can see a scrolling text written. Now, to control the printed do not need to look up at the monitor and check the offer can be printed on-screen keyboard. This is certain to lead to a decrease in the number of typos and reduce the time to work with text.

The novelty has received a positive assessment of the doctors who believe that the keyboard with the screen will greatly reduce the load on the neck and the eyes of the user. Americans plan to begin mass production of the gadget this fall, and at the same time it will be in the sale. Price-screen keyboard is not yet known, but a company representative KewView promised that it will not go off scale.

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